Cutter 40

We offer a wide range of cutters of unequalled quality, with capacity from 20L to 200L. They provide the best results for both coarse mincing and the production of delicate dough.

Product Code TITANE 40-2
Tension TRI, 400V, 50 HZ
Capacity 40L
Bowl speed 8/16 tr/min
Knives speed 1500 et 3000 tr/min
Bowl motor power 0.65 - 0.8 CV
Knives motor power 6 - 8 CV (4,7 Kw - 5,8 Kw)
Weight 380 kg
  • Titane cutters are equipped in series of 2 motors with 2 speeds, a bowl in melted down stainless steel (thickness 1 to 2 cm), and of 6 knives.
  • Monobloc frame is manufactured in stainless steel plates of strong thickness
  • The frame rigidity and the bowl quality allow to adjust the knives to the nearest of the bowl.
  • The clearance between the bowl and the lid is minimum what allows to make of the fine force meat in a very short time, wtih a minimum heating of product
  • The lid and the frame don't have any angles which are difficult to clean.
  • The controls are in low voltage (24 volts).


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