The best products don't remain the best unless they are backed up by diligent SUPPORT both before and after-sales.

This is where we excel and take special pride in. All our products are backed up by our professional service team who are able to provide comprehensive support throughout the life of the product.

Our well designed & valued Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMCs) ensure peace of mind to the customers, who can focus on their business and leave the preventative & general maintenance of our machines to us. This not only keeps them working at their efficient best always but also increases the longevity of the machine and diminishes downtime due to breakdown.

We maintain stock of the wear & tear parts, consumables and critical spares of the machines to ensure smooth service. We stock what constitutes 90% of the regular moving parts.

Apart from our own machines we also undertake repair and maintenance of other brand machines where applicable.

Telephone & remote support for quick resolution of the problem.

Immediate breakdown resolutions by our expert service engineers.

List of recommended spare parts to minimize the down-time.

Preventive maintenance by expert technicians for thorough check-up the health of the machine & to avoid any possible major breakdowns.



We at ATCO are committed to customer delight. Our dedicated team of well trained field engineers and highly customer focused co-ordination team always strives for the quickest possible resolution of all customer concerns.

Perfect communication is the first step to quickest resolution. Regardless of your preferred mode of communication it is highly advisable to keep the following information handy before contacting us for a quick resolution:
  • Your name, email address, phone number, company name & site address
  • Type, Model number and Serial Number of the ATCO machine about which you want to share your concern/lock complaint. This information can be found on the machine name plate. You can click a picture and send to us on our website, phone number or email address
  • Relevant photographs/videos of the machine malfunction (if applicable)


  • You can choose to lock your complaint/concern by any three of the modes described above. However as stated earlier, providing the information described earlier will quicken up our response.
  • In case your machine is not under warranty/AMC, you would be sent a quotation for the visiting charges of our engineer. Once the PO/advance payment for the same is released, the resolution would be initiated. In order to avoid the extra downtime created due to the time elapsed in processing the engineer visit quotation, PO and payments, you are advised to sign an AMC for your equipment with ATCO.
  • In case of breakdown complaints, In order to reduce the down time of your machine you would be contacted by phone by our relevant machine expert to attempt a telephonic resolution. However if it does not work your site would be visited by our engineer for resolution.
  • After every visit, a visit report would be signed between you and our engineer. A copy of the same would be shared with you.
  • In case your machine is not under warranty, and some component is found to be failed, the replacement of the same would be done after we get a PO/Advance payment against a quotation which we will send subsequent to our engineer's visit.
  • Products purchased online are subject to back to base warranty. Site visit can be requested during warranty period at our standard visiting rates.


No one understands our equipment better than our expert service professionals. We not only deliver an outstanding product but also world class service delivered by our skilled and trained service professionals. Whatever the equipment, site or application, our team handles the installation and commissioning with great professionalism in accordance with the equipment safety requirements.


Please drop your details here / Call: +971 4 883 3306