Granule Filling Machine [50kg]

The packaging unit consists of an automatic weighing machine, a vertical bucket elevator, a stitching machine and a product conveyor. This unit is a very economic packing solution for big bag packing and has been widely used in agriculture industry.

1) Weighing Machine
The weighing machine is suitable for weighing and bagging of granular products. It has two hoppers for weighing, each one has a weighing range up to 25 kg and the machine can weigh up to 50kg granular products. Each weighing hopper adopts three load cells which keep well balance and in this way, ensures weighing stability and accuracy. At the bottom of the weighing machine, there is a pneumatic bag clamping device; only manual bag delivery is required.

2) Bucket Elevator
The bucket elevator is suitable for vertical elevating of granular products, powdery products and block products in grain industry, food industry, feed industry etc. It has advantages of good tightness, large lifting capacity and big lifting height etc. Lifting Height: 3-6m Lifting Capacity: 1-10 ton/hour (according to product specific gravity) Material: Stainless Steel

3) Stitching Machine
Max Speed: 2000 R.P.M Thickness of Bagging Material: 8mm(Max) Stitch Length: 6.5-11mm Thread: cotton thread or polyester thread Power: 370W

4) 3M Conveyor
Belt Width: 300mm Belt Material: PVC Speed: adjustable, max 22m/min Power: 550W

Product Code APGZ50-S25
Weighing range {kg} 5-25:Max50
Packaging speed {bags/min} 6-12 {5kg-25kg}
Accuracy -+0.2%
 Power supply C380V 50/60Hz 5KW
 Storage hopper volume (L) 300
 Weighing hoppers volume 50L x2nos
Load cell one per weighing hopper {total 2 nos}
  • Reliable, durable, and heavy duty one of the key equipment’s in bulk bag production line.
  • The machine adopts load sensors for weighing and adopts dual vibratory feeders per weighing hopper.
  • This enables convenient, efficient and high accuracy weighing and filling up to 50kg for free flowing granules and irregular shape products.
  • This machine is equipped with pneumatic bag clamping device. Only manual bag delivery is required.
  • Contact parts in SS.


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