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ATCOPACK Horizontal Ribbon Mixer, a highly efficient blending solution that comprises a U-Shape tank, spiral, and drive parts. The spiral boasts a dual structure, with the outer spiral directing the material from the sides to the center of the tank, while the inner screw conveyor moves the material from the center to the sides, achieving excellent convective mixing.

Our DP series Ribbon mixer is specifically designed to handle a wide range of materials, especially powders and granules with sticky or cohesive properties. It can even blend in a small amount of liquid or paste material seamlessly with powder and granular substances. The result is a superior mixture quality that ensures optimal consistency throughout.

For added convenience, the tank cover can be easily opened, facilitating effortless cleaning and part replacements when needed. With our Horizontal Ribbon Mixer, you can expect exceptional mixing performance, versatility, and user-friendly maintenance.

Product Code AMBT-200 AMBT-300 AMBT-500 AMBT-1000 AMBT-1500 AMBT-2000
Effective Volume 200 300 500 1000 1500 2000
Fully Volume 284L 404L 692L 1286L 1835L 2475L
Turning Speed 46rpm
Total Weight 250kg 350kg 500kg 700kg 1000kg 1300kg
Total Power 4kw 5.5kw 7.5kw 11kw 15kw 22kw
Length(TL) 1370 1550 1773 2394 2715 3080
Width(TW) 834 970 1100 1320 1397 1625
Height(TH) 1647 1655 1855 2187 2313 2453
Length(BL) 888 1044 1219 1500 1800 2000
Width(BW) 554 614 754 900 970 1068
Height(BH) 637 697 835 1050 1155 1274
Radius(R) 277 307 377 450 485 534
Power Supply 3P AC208-415V 50/60Hz
  • DP series mixer with Horizontal tank , single shaft with dual spiral symmetry circle structure
  • The top cover of the U Shape tank has the entrance for material. It can be also designed with spray or add liquid device according the customer’s needs. Inside the tank there equipped the axes rotor which consist of, corss support and spiral ribbon
  • Under the bottom of the tank, there has a flap dome valve (pneumatic control or manual control) of the center
  • The valve is arc design that assure no material deposit and without no dead angle when mixing. Reliable regula- seal prohibit the leakage between the frequent close and open
  • The discon-nexion ribbon of the mixer can make the material mixed with more high speed and uniformity in short time
  • This mixer also can be designed with the function to keep cold or heat. Add one layer outside the tank and put into medium into the interlayer to get the mixing material cold or heat. Usually use water for cool and hot steam or use electrical for heat
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