Sachet / Stick Packaging Machines

Introducing a broad spectrum of superior Sachet / Stick Packaging Machines designed to address your specific packaging needs efficiently. Our diverse assortment features innovative solutions that can significantly enhance your packaging process. The Multilines Stick Packaging Machine leverages the vertical form-fill-seal technique to create sachets or sticks with high efficiency. With configurations spanning from 4 to 10 lanes, each lane is capable of processing up to 40 bags per minute, ensuring an optimization of your production yield.

Our Powder Packaging Machine offers unparalleled precision, making it the go-to choice for packaging powdered materials. It's versatility sees use across multiple sectors, including food, daily chemical, pharmaceutical, and agriculture.

For granular substances, our Granules Packaging Machine promises high-accuracy packaging. It uses a sophisticated filling system that makes it apt for industries such as food, daily chemicals, and agriculture.

Featuring solenoid valve filling control, our Sauce-Ketchup Packaging Machines are perfect for packaging liquid products. Their adjustable bag length regulation adds to their appeal, making packaging operations seamless and effortless.

In the realm of tea packaging, our Tea-bag Automatic Packaging Machine shines for its efficiency and speed. It can handle steeping products with a maximum filling range of 12ml and a packing speed of 20-45 bags per minute, catering to high-volume production requirements.

Moreover, we also offer the Automatic Tea-bag Packaging Machine with an outer sachet option. It is designed to accommodate both inner and outer envelopes, threads, and tags, catering specifically to the tea industry's packaging needs.
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