50kg Powder Filling Machine with Conveyor & Screw Feeder

AP-1C1 is designed according to the standard GMP, which can finish a sequence of work: weighing, filling, sealing, sewing, deliver and other process . And widely used for food, medicine, plastic, chemical, milk powder, coffee, sugar, glucose, pharmaceutical, pesticide, additives etc. The main parts of machine are made by SUS304 stainless steel.

Product Code  AP-1C1
Measurement Weighing type
Feeding way Double screw feeder. Fas and fine feed
Packing Speed 1 to 10 bags/min
Bag height 500-850mm
Packing weight 5-50kg
Packing accuracy ≤±0.2%
Total power 1.9KW
Gas consumption 50L/min
Air pressure 0.5-0.8Mpa
Dimension 4300x1000x2500mm
Weight 400kg
  • Adopts PLC-touch screen control system, with error correction,deviation alarm and other functions.
  • Servo motor control filling , with high speed and high precision measurement instrument.
  • High reliability, fully meet the requirements of continuous production.
  • With the Roller and PVC conveying belt (the skeleton is made of stainless steel) to deliver the products. Double screw feeder .The roller can be taken down to clean, easy to clean, cleaning with no dead angle.
  • With calibration procedure: equipped with weights and calibration hooks.

The screw feeder can convey powder and small granule material from one machine to another. It's efficient and convenient. It can work in cooperation with the packing machines to form a production line. Soit is widely used in packaging line, especially semi-auto and automatic packaging line. It is mainly used in conveying powder materials, such as the milk powder, protein powder, rice powder, milk tea powder, coffee powder, sugar, glucose powder, food additives, feed, pharmaceutical raw materials, pesticide, dye, flavour, fragrances and so on.
Product Code  APHZ-2A7
Discharge Capacity 7m3/h
Charging Capacity 7m³/h
Diameter of pipe Φ159
Hopper Volume 200L
Power Supply 3P AC380V 50HZ
Total Power 2260W
Total Weight 200Kg
Overall Dimensions of Hopper 1023×820×900mm
Charging Height Standard 1.85M
Charging angle Standard 45 degree
Main features:
  • Composed of double motors, feeding motor, and vibrating motor, and each switch control.
  • Hopper is vibratory which make material to be flowing easily.
  • Simple structure in linear type, easy in installation and maintenance.
  • The whole machine except motor is made of SS304 to reach the food grade request.
  • Hopper is separate from twisting shaft. Structure is reasonable and easily loading and unloading.
  • Easy to cleanup scrapped materials conveniently discharging the material reversely.


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