Automatic Aerosol Filling Machine

Automatic Aerosol Filling Machine is produced by absorption of foreign technology. Its filling end is controlled separately, no discharging without filling; being sealing-guided, the machine will automatically stop if the sealing quality isn’t good; the way of the oriented inflation in the charging end is accurate and efficient with minimal gas consumption. It can be matched with an automatic weighing machine.
The whole machine includes an automatic inlet device, 3 liquid filling nozzles, 1 capping device, and 3 gas filling nozzles.
The whole machine is controlled by pneumatic and can be controlled separately.
No can, no material out.

  • All filling host are adopted Japan SMC pneumatic parts, cylinder of filling nozzles are Japan SMC brand.
  • All the air tubes are Shanghai Asia Pacific brand
  • Adopt imported backbone ring and DME resistant “O” ring
  • Connector of air pipes adopt Taiwan Air Tac brand
  • Conveyor motors are adopting explosion-proof(dIIBT3), machines are grounded to prevent electrostatic
  • Frame is adopted SUS304 scrub material
  • Filling cylinder*63 ring is adopt imported sealing ring
  • Air cylinder*120 ring is Chinese L shape
  • DME cylinder*50 is an imported sealing ring
  • We suggest customer to build a propellant filling room to ensure the safety


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