Liquid Measure-Fill-Seal Production Line For Preformed Plastic Bags

APR6/8-200/300 Liquid & Thick Liquid Measure-Fill-Seal Production Line Performance and Features
  • Easy to operate: PLC controller, HMI system makes easy operation.
  • Easy to adjust: change different pouches within 10minutes.
  • Unmanned weighing and packing process. Alarm function in failure condition.
  • When the bags are not opened or not opened completely, it will not non- fill or seal, so the bags can be reused and the product is not wasted saving the production cost.
  • The product contact parts are SUS304 to ensure sanitation and safety, meeting the GMP standard.
  • Vacuum Generator: low consumption, high-efficiency, cleanness and long life.
  • Perfect sealing quality which upgrade the finished product.
Product Code APR6-200, APR8-200 APR6-300, APR8-300 APR8-350
Eqipment Material 304 Stainless steel.
Pneumatic Component SMC,AirTAC
Vacuum Component Vacuum Generator(SMC)
Drive Mode Frequency Converison, motor drive Servo motor drive
Operation Interface Touch Screen Language: English
Bag Materals Heat Sealable film as PA/PE,PET/PE,AL film etc.
Bag sizes (mm) W:70-200 L:100-300(date coding requires 140 length) ARZ6-300: W:160-270 L:100-400ARZ8-300: W:160-300 L:100-400 W:165-450 L:200-450
Filling Range (gm) 5-1500 5-4000 5-2500
Packing speed (bags/min) 20-45(depended on the prouct and filling weight) 10-40(depended on the prouct and filling weight) 20-25(depended on the prouct and filling weight)
Package accuracy Error>±1% -
Weight (Kg) ARZ6-200: 800 ARZ8-200: 1000 ARZ6-300: 1500 ARZ8-300: 2000 1200
Dimension LxWxH (mm) ARZ6-200: 1475 X 1325 X 1480ARZ8-200: 1635 X 1455 X 1480 ARZ6-300: 1585 X 1545 X 1600ARZ8-300: 1645 X 1645 X 1640 1804 X 1506 X 1800
Total Power (Kw) ARZ6-200: 1.5 ARZ6-200: 2.3 4
Driving Power Source 380V Three-Phase Five-line 50Hz
Control Power Source DC24V
Compress Air requirement >0.45 m /min >1.2 m /min

Product Code AMHW-10H AMHW-14H AP3B101 ASVFA1-100P
Type Weigher Weigher Auger Auger
Filling Range (gm) 10 ~2,000 gm 10 ~ 5,000 gm 10 ~ 2,000 gm 100 ~ 1,000 ml
Accuracy (gm) ±0.5-1 gm ±0.1 ~ 2 gm ±0.1 ~ 2 gm ±0.1 ~ 2 gm
Max. speed (Drops per min) 70 120 12 ~ 40 10 ~ 30WPM
Power supply 220V, 50Hz, 1.5KW 220V, 50 Hz, 2 KW 3P/220V-4150/ 50/60Hz 1.9KW -
Hopper volume (L) 2.4 1.3 50 -
Monitor - 7" - -


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