Granules Packaging Machines

Granules Packaging Machines

APG series automatic powder packaging machine adopts high accurate auger filling system for measurement. It is widely used to pack the powdered materials in the industries of food, daily chemical, medicine, agricultural chemicals and veterinary drugs etc.

All the mini VFFS / sachet packing machines are suitable for heat sealable compound materials such as single Paper/PE, Cellophane/PE, Aluminumfoil /PE, BOPP/PE, Nylon/PE etc.

Product code APGH-40 II APGH-150 II APGH-300 II
Capacity (bags/min) 50-110 35-60
Bag size (LxW)mm 55-110 x 30-80 70-150 x 70-115 30-180 x 30-115
Filling range (ml) 5-40 30-150 150
Power (W) 220V,50HZ,1.5KW 220V,50HZ,1.9KW 220V,50HZ,1.9KW
Net Weight (kg) 350 450 260
External Dimensions (LxWxH) (mm) 600x790x1780 700 x 800 x 1900 820x695x1740
Product code APGH-800 II APG-2000 II APGH-300T II
Capacity (bags/min) 28-60 15-35 50-110
Bag size (LxW)mm 100-300x40-175 50-300x50-220 115x50
Filling range (ml) 1400 50-2000 40
Power (W) 220V,50Hz,1.5KW 220V,50Hz,110V 220V,50Hz,1.5KW
Net Weight (kg) 350 550 350
External Dimensions (LxWxH) (mm) 1200x800x2000 1120x920x2170 780x1000x2000
Features (APGH-300T)
  • This machine is able to accommodate various sizes and requirements in the stick pack format and specialized tear and pack end formats, round corner
  • The operation of the machine is controlled via a computerized operator interface. All the machine parameters are set through this interface.Bag length can be automaticallycontrolled via a film registration eye. Precise bag length and registered cutting is assured
  • Sealed bearings are incorporated in the jaw assembly and no lubrication is required.


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