Semi Electric Stackers

ATCOLIFT Semi Electric Stackers: Versatile, Efficient, and Reliable
ATCOLIFT brings you their exceptional Semi Electric Stackers, designed to elevate your material handling operations. With a capacity range of 1500 kg and 1000 kg, and a lift height ranging from 2500 to 3500 mm, these stackers offer versatility to meet your specific requirements.

Experience the perfect balance of manual and electric operation with ATCOLIFT's Semi Electric Stackers. These stackers combine the convenience of electric lifting with the flexibility of manual maneuvering, allowing for efficient and precise handling of various loads.

Product Code ASES1525N ASES1535NC ASES1030SN
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Capacity (Kg) 1500 1000
Lifting height (mm) 2500 3500 3000
Load centre (kg) 600 600
Lowered mast height (mm) 1780 2278 2104
Width over forks (mm) 330-640   200-800
Battery voltage (V/Ah) 12/150 12/150(120) 12/150
Width between straddle legs (mm) - - 1200


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