Pallet Flow (Gravity) Racking System

ATCO Storage Solutions presents the innovative Pallet Flow (Gravity) Racking System, an ideal solution for businesses that operate on a First-in, First-out (FIFO) goods storage setup. This system offers exceptional space savings, allowing you to utilize up to 60% less space compared to conventional pallet racking.

The Pallet Flow Racking System is designed for dynamic storage, utilizing integrated conveyor modules that accommodate various pallet types and sizes. It is particularly well-suited for industries such as the drinks industry or as a buffer storage facility in manufacturing.

Pallets smoothly travel on full-width or twin-track rollers within the system. As the front pallet is removed from the front side of the rack, the rear pallet is automatically held back, ensuring proper sequencing. This automatic braking system, combined with a load guide and end stop unit, guarantees safe and smooth pallet movement throughout the system.

ATCO Storage Solutions understands the importance of efficiency and safety. Our Pallet Flow Racking System is engineered with precision and incorporates robust components to ensure reliable performance and secure pallet storage. Our team of experts works closely with clients to customize the system according to their specific requirements, ensuring seamless integration and optimal functionality within their warehouse operations.

By implementing the Pallet Flow Racking System from ATCO Storage Solutions, businesses can achieve efficient inventory rotation, maximize storage capacity, and enhance overall warehouse productivity. This system is particularly advantageous for industries that require FIFO inventory management, ensuring proper stock rotation and minimizing product spoilage.

At ATCO Storage Solutions, we prioritize customer satisfaction and provide exceptional service at every step. Our experienced professionals guide clients through the entire process, from system design and installation to ongoing support and maintenance. We are committed to delivering storage solutions that meet your unique needs and contribute to your business's success.

  • Dedicated load and retrieval means only two forklift truck aisles are required
  • Uses up to 60% less floor space than conventional pallet racking
  • FIFO operation – for automatic stock rotation
  • Faster, more efficient warehouse picking speeds


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