PURVEY Warehouse Management System

PURVEY Warehouse management System is a comprehensive WMS that is built to scale up as you grow. Be it the volume of products or warehouse at multiple locations, purvey is built to handle all.

Purvey WMS is a ready use solution for F&B, Pharma, FMCG and home fixtures business warehouses. Its simple user interface enables quick adaption and integration to business.

Purvey WMS comes with a built-in flow that helps handling lot and batch wise control of materials. This is an unavoidable function in Food and Pharma warehouses. The solution’s data privacy based on login hierarchy helps effective process management with well-organized approval procedures.

Benefits of Purvey WMS:
  • Hi level of automation by using QR/Barcode integrations and compatibly for integrating IOT systems and devices to track all products and stages in work flows
  • Helps traceability from vendor through to customer using QR/Barcode integrations
  • Composite solution allows for enhancing industry level practice adaption
  • The planogram function helps the solution to be implemented in 3PL business model
  • Multiple warehouse management prebuilt into solution for seamless scale up
Features of Purvey WMS:
  • GOODS RECEIPT: Pallets, carton and packages received are counted, identified and posted into the system
  • CROSS DOCKING: This functionality helps direct cargo transfer without performing regular inbound acceptance processes
  • STAGING: The staging process allows for unpacking and QR/BAR code tagging materials received
  • QUALITY ASSESSMENT: PURVEY provides flexibility of inducting various QC processes and define the benchmark to be assessed upon
  • REPACKING [KITTING] & PUT AWAY: Repacking drives post QC exact count of SKUs Items and quantity “available to sell” is traced real time
  • INVENTORY CONTROL: PURVEY helps tracking inventory based on lot, vendor, “best before use” etc
  • PICK: PURVEY WMS seamlessly integrates with APORA*, our new age pick management solutions That is total intelligence driven. The standard order-based pick list generation is also available
  • DISPATCH: PURVEY WMS provides interface to finance to notify dispatch readiness and receive invoice electronically transmitted
PURVEY Warehouse Management System
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