Power Reach Stackers

The ALPS15RM Power Reach Stackers, the ideal choice for applications requiring compact dimensions and a high lifting capacity. Designed with a focus on performance, these stackers are equipped with powerful components to deliver outstanding results.

With a capacity range of 1500kg to 2000kg, the ALPS15RM Power Reach Stackers offer excellent lifting capabilities. Whether you need to handle heavy loads or maximize efficiency in your warehouse, these stackers have got you covered.

Featuring a maximum lifting height range of 3000mm to 4500mm, these stackers provide versatile solutions for stacking and retrieving goods at various heights. The reach functionality ensures efficient utilization of vertical space, enabling you to make the most of your storage capacity.

With a compact design, the ALPS15RM Power Reach Stackers excel in applications where space is limited. Their maneuverability and agility allow for easy navigation in narrow aisles, making them a valuable asset in warehouses and distribution centers.

Investing in the ALPS15RM Power Reach Stackers means investing in reliability and performance. These stackers are built with high-quality components to ensure durability and longevity, providing a cost-effective solution for your material handling needs.

Choose the ALPS15RM Power Reach Stackers and experience the perfect blend of compactness, lifting capacity, and exceptional performance.

Product Code ALPS-15RM30 ALPS-15RM36 ALPS-15RM45 ALMFA1545 ALMFA2045
Capacity (kg) 1500 2000
Load centre (kg) 600 500 500
Electric power steering YES - STANDARD
Max lifting height (mm) 3000 3600 4500 4500 4500
Lowered mast height (mm) 2096 1796 2096    
Aisle width (mm) 2730 2690 2900/3300
Fork width adjustable (mm) 200-760 220-710  
Reach distance (mm) 610
Battery voltage (V/Ah) 24/400 24/210 24/210
Machine Dimension (LxWxH) (mm) 2160*1184*2096 - -    
Packing Dimension (LxWxH) (mm) 2260*1300*2296 - -    
Net Weight (kg) 1950 - - 2130 2450
Gross Weight (kg) 1970 - - 2150 2450
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