Power Reach Stackers

The ALPS 15RM is the perfect selection where short length is needed with a high lift capacity. In combination with the powerful components this truck comes with excellent performance.

Product Code ALPS-15RM30 ALPS-15RM36 ALPS-15RM45
Capacity (kg) 1500
Load centre (kg) 600
Electric power steering YES - STANDARD
Max lifting height (mm) 3000 3600 4500
Lowered mast height (mm) 2096 1796 2096
Aisle width (mm) 2730
Fork width adjustable (mm) 200-760
Reach distance (mm) 610
Battery voltage (V/Ah) 24/400
Machine Dimension (LxWxH) (mm) 2160*1184*2096 - -
Packing Dimension (LxWxH) (mm) 2260*1300*2296 - -
Net Weight (kg) 1950 - -
Gross Weight (kg) 1970 - -
  • Combines the counterbalance stacker with the reach-mast.
  • Powerful AC drive unit
  • Electric power steering
  • High capacity battery
  • Optional foldable platform
  • Fork tilting

CURTIS AC inverter controller carries CANBUS system
The combination provides smooth and continuous AC motor regenerative control. This highly advanced power unit comes with great efficiency and quiet operations with the help of a microprocessor, it also reduces the deterioration of the motor and battery. All functions can be manually set.

AC motor drive wheel combines multiple functions like dynamic transmission and braking
The motor and the shaft axle on the driving wheel are arranged vertically. It's secondary gear reduces stress on the primary gear, so the transmission is steady, noise is low but outputs a strong loading capacity. The pivotal bearing is assembled above the reducer, and the screw slot is on the bearing cup, which means the dissembly process is simple. Besides, two dampers and damping springs gives it a strong and powerful drive, with a strong grasp on the ground to prevent slipping.

German REMA-CANBUS Our dedicated control handle
The latest CANOPEN, PCB V1.3, not only is it excellent in appearance, smooth in shape, easy to operate and comfortable to touch, it is also equipped with totally integrated circuits making any job stable and safe, comes with high compatibilty.

Italian imported hydraulic power unit with strong power, steady operation and low motor noise
Also, it contains safety protection units of antiriot, reducing lowering speed when needed just to ensure the whole truck is always operating under safe conditions.

Curtis EPS (electric power steering) comes as standard configruation
The electric power steering assists with smooth and easy steering, which makes the operator's time with the stacker much easier and safer.

New protective arm and foot pedal, more convenient, higher protective strength
The protective gears are not easy to deform; they come with high anti-collision performance, so the safety grade improves largely. The foot pedal is longer than the older version, which improves damping performance. The standard configuration is assembled with electric induction protection system. After conducting operations with the new protective arm, the fork can lift normally even when it lifts to a certain height, better safety performance.

Various improvements according to the CE regulations, especially concerning the safety and durablity of the stacker
New power control system, the key, emergency stop button, hour meter are all neatly integrated making them more convenient and quick to operate. New German REMA emergency stop button comes as standard configuration, it serves as a quick cut off function for the control circuit, now the circuit is more safe and reliable. The electric box cover is pressed by top grade cold rolled shape steel, with high intensity and durablity. It also has radiating holes, which protects the electric elements in the box effectively. The battery cover is powerful, durable and with memoryeffect, pressed by top grade constructive plastic, this protects the battery effectively.


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