Rack Ovens (Electric) - Mono Mx

Rack Ovens (Electric) - Mono Mx Made in UK

Mono Equipment’s New and improved MX Eco-Touch Rack Oven combines the very best features of our current MX Rack Oven but with a smaller footprint.

In addition to the smaller footprint, the MX Rack Oven incorporates energy saving LED lights.

The oven is produced in hygienic stainless steel for durability and ease of cleaning and is designed for continuous baking with no waiting time between bakes thanks to a quick recovery time and a fully integrated steam system.

Steam is deposited evenly throughout the baking chamber thanks to the steel bars and the ceiling-suspended rack rotates inside the baking chamber allowing steam to be easily deposited onto the product to create more volume, a better crust and even colour.

Specifications  Electric
Width (mm) 1,431
Depth (mm) 1,200
Weight (kg) 1,200
Number of Programmes 240
Footprint area (sq.m) 1.89
Inside clear diameter (mm) 1,000 nominal
Height inside (mm) 1,920
Fan diameter (mm) 225 x 92
Fan speed (rpm) 2,800
Fan drive Belt driven
Tray size (mm) 760 x 460
600 x 400
Rack carrier Mono system 4 roller - top hung
Steamer system High mass water injection solenoid operated supply
Water Pressure
Minimum 2.0
Maximum 5.5 bar(80 psig)
Water flow 3.4 Litres/20 seconds (set with gauge)
Damper Solenoid operated trapdoor type. Automatic
Electrical system Membrane operated dedicated
Control panel Microprocessor integrated system, with umbilical to electrical panel
Electrical panel 415V 3pH 50Hz mains, 24V DC auxiliaries
Noise level Less than 85 db
Power - UK
Total power (kW) 50
Heating (kW) 45 (36 optional)
Power supply 415V, 3 phase N plus E, 50Hz, 45kW, 65 amps per phase
  • Specially designed ceiling-mounted rotating rack ensures lower maintenance costs and a consistently even bake
  • Available in left or right handed door configuration
  • Rapid heat recovery rate
  • Illuminated bake chamber uses energy efficient LED bulbs
  • Large double-glazed window maximises the visibility of baking product
  • Accommodates a single rack of up to 18 trays capacity
  • Removable access ramp
  • User-Friendly Eco-Touch Controller
  • 7-day, 24-hour timer optimises baking efficiencies
  • Automatic damper facility
  • Forced air convection - air is distributed evenly in the chamber
  • Hygienic stainless steel construction, inside and out, for ease of cleaning and long-term durability
  • Drainless oven
Rack Ovens (Electric) - Mono Mx
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