Narrow Aisle 3-Way Pallet Stacker

Narrow Aisle 3-Way Pallet Stacker

A narrow classic design, small battery compartment and tiller arm steering with 180° range give this compact stacker excellent maneuverability, even in limited space.

Product ALMC10-75 ALMC15-75
Rated Capacity (KG) 1000 1500
Operate Type Stand-on Stand-on
Max. Lifting Height (MM) 7500 7500
Height--Free Lift (MM) 2690 2780
Height---Mast Lowered 3800 3823
Hegith-Mast Extended 8584 8550
Min. Turning Radius (MM) 1880 1980
Load center (MM) 500 600
Fork Dimensions - L/W/T (MM) 1000*125*50 1200*125*50
Overall Length (MM) 2906 2985
Overall Width (MM) 1450 1550
Power Type Battery Battery
  • MC Series 3-Way pallet stacker, with 180° rotating fork
  • Rated load capacity: 1000kg, lift height: 7500mm
  • The min. width of aisle is 1510mm
  • Colored monitor for triplex mast
  • Soft backrest
  • Driving position display
  • More Product Storage - Up to 60% increase
  • More efficient use of available space
  • Reduced handling costs


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