Net Packaging Machine For Fruits & Vegetables

Net Packaging Machine For Fruits & Vegetables

This machine is specially designed to weigh & pack whole fruits and vegetables in net bags automatically. The system consists of net bagging machine, weigher (loadcell based), platform stand, infeed elevator and thermal barcode printer. Output upto 20-25 bags per minute can be realized. Max dosage can be upto 5kg. Tags are attached to the net bags and the printer will print expiry dates, batch number, barcodes and other information on the tag. Special features are incorporated to reduce damage while packing soft products. Can be used without the weigher in semi auto operation mode, where the operator wishes to count and feed-in manually.

Product Code ASP-2-1
Output (Bpm) Up to 25 - 30 (suitable weighing machine has to be chosen)
Size of the net into the tube(mm) 200
Capacity Weight (kg) 0.5 - 5
Minimum air pressure 6 bar
Power Supply 380V/AC 50HZ (Three Phase + Neutral Line)
Average air consumption 1.5m3/h
Installed power (KW) 2.6
  • On the top cone, there is two stopper layer, made by silicon, to prevent the products from running too fast.
  • In the feed funnels, top cone, buckets and collecting chute, there is one buffer layer, made of SS Hooks and silicon layer, to protect the products from hitting too strong and get hurt.
  • There is one more buffer ring in the collecting chute, to prevent the products from running too fast and get hurt.
  • 85 degree inclined collecting chute to make the chute lower, for protecting the products.
Auto Net Clipping Machine with Counting System For Fruits & Vegetables


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