Chocolate Coating Machine

Elevate your sweet delights with our cutting-edge Chocolate Coating System. This multifunctional enrobing machine offers the perfect fusion of precision and elegance, turning everyday treats into chocolate masterpieces.

Effortlessly coat a diverse range of items with luscious chocolate using our system's auto-feed capability, ensuring consistent and efficient production. The integrated decorator enhances the visual appeal, allowing for vibrant patterns on your chocolate-covered treats. Plus, its spread material compartments make it simple to sprinkle additions like sesame seeds or peanut bits for an extra flavor dimension.

Benefit from meticulous coating accuracy, ensuring every piece is evenly and beautifully covered. The system's conveyor belt features an auto-adjust mechanism, and a swift 20-minute cleanup ensures minimal downtime.

For those looking to diversify their offerings, options like dual mesh belts for multiple chocolate types are available. Dive into the realm of premium confectionery with our trusted Chocolate Coating System, the key to unparalleled chocolate indulgence.

Product Code ACE-400
Wire mesh and belt width(mm) 500L
Wire mesh and belt speed(m/min) 3.5-6.5
Refrigeration unit(set) 3P2sets
Cooling tunnel lenth(m) 10
Cooling tunnel temperature(°C) 2-10
Total power(kw) 12.1
Weight(kg) 2000
Dimension(mm) 14200*950*1800

Chocolate Melting Tank
Chocolate warm keeping tank is one of essential equipment during the chocolate processing. It is used for the warm –keeping storage of the refined chocolate paste, which can meet the technical requirement of the continuous chocolate production. The tanks not only have the functions of cooling, warming, and warm-keeping, but also can continuously make the stirring , which have the functions of de-gassing, deodor, de-water, and preventing the separation of mass and fat.

Max. Capacity 500L
Main drive speed 22.5 rpm
Main motor Power 1.1KW
Electrical heating power 5kw
Heat holding power 2.5kw
Weight 515kg
Dimension Φ1035*1480mm

Chocolate Pump
The pump is specialized for delivery the chocolate mass. The pump body is with watercirculating heat preservation system. Customers can choose different model according to flow rate required. The pump can be used individually or with other production line for automatic chocolate mass feeding.

Model 5m³
Flow rate(L/min) 5m³/h
Delivery lift(m) 30M
Rotational speed(rpm) 200
Material SUS304
Power(kw) 1.5


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