Automatic Inline Weigh-Filling, Can Seaming, Labelling

Automatic Inline Weigh-Filling, Can Seaming, Labelling

This line is a complete solution for weiging, filling and closing of tin cans. It could realize output from 10-40 containers per minute with max dosage weight of 2kg. The line can be configured for dry or wet products. Can seeming can be provided with vacuum & nitrogen flush option. Labeling can be configured for self-adhesive or cold glue. Main applications include nuts, dry fruits, popcorn, confectionary etc.
  • Complete feeding, weighing, packaging, capping, sealing, labeling and printing automatically.
  • Can select automatic equipment with different configurations for assembly according to different requirements.
  • Induction control unit or module adopts international or domestic famous brands with stable, reliable performance and extremely low failure rate.
  • Applicable for sealing and back covering of various plastic pop cans, paper cans and iron cans. It is simple in operation, and it is an ideal equipment of food, beverage, pharmaceutical and other industries.
Product Details (Optional configuration set:):
  • Composite scale.
  • Automatic sealing and filling machine.
  • Labeling machine.
  • Ink-jet printer.


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