Automatic Inline Container Filling Machine For Solid Items

Automatic Inline Container Filling Machine For Solid Items

This is an economic solution for automatically filling granular / solid items into container, based on their weight. The weigher is loadcell based and accurate. The intelligent motorized conveyor comes equipped with gating system & sensors, to stop the container, get it filled and then move ahead, without manual intervention. It could realize output from 10-40 containers per minute with max dosage weight of 2kg. Capping & labelling machine can added further to make complete packaging line.

Application: confectionary, salt, sugar, whole spice, nuts, chocolates and toffee, frozen items, tea, irregular shape products etc.

Product Code APAD 50-01
Packing capacity upto 40 dumps / min
Control system PLC programmable operation display
Power Supply 380V/AC 50HZ three phase
Power consumption (KW) 4
Compressed air consumption 6 bar
conveyor size can be customized as per customer's requirements


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