Automatic Bundling Machine

Automatic Bundling machine is used for secondary packaging of the primary bags. It uses the same Vertical Form Fill Seal principal and makes large bags of LDPE films. Usually placed after the primary VFFS machines to prepare bales/bundles of the primary bags in 1 or 2 columns with a maximum of 12 bags in a single column. Usual configuration is 24 bags of 1kg, 12 bags of 2kg and 5 bags of 5kg, since the max weight of the final bag can be upto 25kg only. The machine can realize upto 6-8 bagging cycles per minute and can handle upto 100 primary bags in a minute. Upto 2 primary machines can be connected to a single machine. Conveyors are provided so that this becomes a totally automated process with no manual intervention, thereby resulting in huge labor savings. The machine can substitute at least 4-5 labours which would otherwise be required in case of manual bundling operations. And still the uniform finishing and consistent speed levels achieved by the machine would be difficult to match.

Common applications include sugar, salt, flour, pasta and other such high-volume items.

General Specifications:
  • Full automatic machine with CE certification.
  • The compact design with elektrical box.
  • Very user-friendly PLC system, touchpad control panel.
  • It is possible to synchronized with 2 automactic packaging machines with the production.
  • To change the film roll and the forming set is very simple and fast.
  • Easy to use and most of the function can be controlled on the PLC.
Bundling Machine Packaging
Product Code BVM1300 BVM1300-L5
Packing Polyethylen
Infeed Speed 100 packs / dk 25 - 30 packs/min
Maximum Weight 25 kg
Maximum Width 450 mm.
Maximum Height 600 mm.
Machine Width 1823 mm. 1885 mm.
Machine Depth 1746 mm. 1746 mm.
Machine height 2764 mm. 2835 mm.
Machine weight 1100 kg. 1150 kg.
Pneumatic system Festo Festo - Schneider
Electrical system 7 kW - 3FAZ - 380 V - 50 Hz
Electrical consumption 4 kW/h
Elektrical equippment Siemens - Schneider
PLC System Siemens - Schneider
Operating control panel Siemens - Schneider
Air pressure 6-8 bar
Air consumption 5 lt/min
Maximum film diameter 500 mm.
Maximum film width 1250 mm.
Sugar Packaging & Bundling Machine
Automatic Bundling Machine


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