APLINK MR X Series Ink Jet Printing

APLINK MR X Series Ink Jet Printing Made in Spain

United Barcode Systems APLINK MRX Series are the ultimate generation of HighResolution Inkjet Printers, designed to solve printing needs on cases and any porous surfaces.

Developed and manufactured to print any text, images, logos, symbols, and any type of 100% readable barcodes in compliance with GS1 International Standard Regulations (GS1-128, ITF14, GS1DATAMATRIX, EAN-UCC13).

Powered by 4th generation piezoelectric technology print head APLINK MRX Series Printers allows users to print messages up to 72 mm in height, with a resolution up to 185 x 720 dpi, and at a speed up to 110 meters/minute.

APLINK MRX Series Printers modular design allows using 1 to 4 print heads simultaneously through one full color 8” touch screen controller. Its intuitive graphic interface permits users to control and configure each print head parameters.

Production process interruptions are avoided by the changing of the 100% Mineral oil free non-pressurized ink bottle at a nonstop mode.

Reduced ink consumption and maintained reliable printing quality are assured by its innovated technologies of temperature and drop size control. These combined benefits make of the APLINK MRX Series Printers a valuable equipment for the generation of savings and production cost reduction.

Easy to integrate and connect to any IT systems in any production line, different ERP, and DBMS. In standalone mode USB and Ethernet connections allow loading of messages to print

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APLINK MR X Series Ink Jet Printing
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