APLINK LC Series Ink Jet Printing

APLINK LC Series Ink Jet Printing Made in Spain

APLINK LC Series, high-resolution inkjet printer developed to print on cardboard boxes, any type of logos, images, texts and high quality bar code fulfilling GS1 (EAN International, ITF 14…) regulations; in real time right in the production line.

UBS improved the APLINK LC with an aluminum design, a pilot alarm bacon incorporated into printer cover permits to control the equipment status; and 5.7” color touch screen with friendly to use advanced graphic interface gives a possibility to manage, select and modify the message and printing formats.

This printer fitted with piezoelectric print head works with oil-based ink, requires no solvents or detergents, which protects the environment, and minimizes maintenance and purging of the system.

Its easy access to external databases allows data printing directly from your ERP/ Management software. APLINK MR2 offers top and side printing capabilities, a printing speedup to 110 meters per minute and horizontal resolution up to 720 dpi. Easy use system provided with a PC, Ethernet, WiFi (as option) or USB connections are available.
  • 100% mineral oil free ink
  • 4th generation piezo electric print head
  • Modular design with variable height and depth
  • 5.7” full color touch screen with graphic interface
  • Low periodical maintenance
  • Printing speed up to 50 m/min (164 ft/min)
  • Printing height 17 mm (0.67”) up to 72 mm (2.83”)
  • Resolution up to 180 x 360 dpi
  • Printing on any porous surface
APLINK LC Series Ink Jet Printing
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