Economic Walkie Electric Stackers

Economic Walkie Electric Stackers: Efficient, Safe, and Cost-Effective
Our Economic Walkie Electric Stackers are here to meet your demands for increased economic performance, handling efficiency, and safety. With a rated load capacity of 1200/1500 kg, these stackers provide exceptional functionality while remaining budget-friendly.

Designed for high maneuverability, these stackers excel in practicality and economic efficiency. Their compact design allows for a smaller turning radius compared to conventional stackers, making them the perfect choice for operations in small stacking warehouses.

Product Code ALPSE12B36DX ALECL15B36DX ALWS15H
Capacity(kg) 1200 1500 1500
Load centre distance(mm) 600 600 600
Load distance ,centre of drive axle to fork(mm) 760 770 796
Wheelbase(mm) 1147 1258 1204
Service weight(kg) 620 641 640
Tires Polyurethane
Lowered mast height(mm) 2280 1978 1980
Lift height(mm) 3514 1515 2000-3500
Overall length(mm) 1710 1806 1710
Overall width(mm) 800 820 820
Fork dimensions(mm) 60/180/1150 70x160x1150
Turning radius(mm) 1350 1450 1490
Service brake Electromagnetic
Battery 24V/85AH AGM LEAD ACID 48V/60Ah 12/71 x 2 V/Ah
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Economic Walkie Electric Stacker


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