Economic Walkie Electric Stackers

Economical long-tiller pallet stacker, with the rated load capacity of 1200/1500KG, it meets customers demands for increasing economic performance, handling efficiency and safety.

High maneuverable, economical and practical design, it can fully meets customers demands. With compact design, its turning radius is smaller than conventional stackers, which is more suitable for small stacking warehouse operation
Product Code ALPSE12B ALPSE12N ALECL15
Capacity(kg) 1200 1200 1500
Lift height(mm) 1600-3600
Fork dimensions(mm) 60*180*1150
Battery 24V/85AH AGM LEAD ACID 24V/60AH Li-ion 48V/60Ah
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Economic Walkie Electric Stacker
  • Long tiller design ensure the operators high efficiency and safe distance from stacker-body
  • Long-tiller stacker uses less operating force, compared with the short-tiller stacker
  • Height is adjustable according to operators operating habits and height preference
  • 4-wheel design with sideways long-tiller gives operators a better view to the pallet
  • The safety distance and good view makes stacking operation more efficient and faster


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