Fixed Telescopic Conveyor

ATCOLIFT Telescopic conveyor for safe and efficient loading and unloading. Its biggest advantage is ergonomic operating conditions, through a lever or button, you can achieve the operator to reach the telescopic machine anywhere, through any telescopic movement, the goods to complete the loading and unloading easily and efficiently. The entire extension or retraction action is feedback to the operator through electric quick response. The user can select our product model according to the length of the carriage, or contact our sales team for reasonable advice.

In addition, we can provide guidance on standard solutions on our website. You have specific questions, please give us your request, we can provide you with safe and economical solution.
  • Telescopic belt conveyor ergonomic operation
  • Easy to operate, safe and reliable
  • Fast loading and unloading
  • Suitable for loading and unloading various goods vehicles
  • Easy maintenance, fast
Telescopic Conveyor Diagram
Product Code Sections Total length C(mm) A(mm) B(mm) Mini Height H (mm) Belt Width(mm)
ALJW-A3-6+8 3 14000 6000 8000 (8500) 700 600 / 800
ALJW-A3-7+9.5 3 16500 7000 9500 (10000) 700 600 / 800
ALJW-A4-6+12 4 18000 6000 12000 (12500) 800 600 / 800
ALJW-A4-7+14 4 21000 7000 14000 (15000) 800 600 / 800
ALJW-A5-6+15 5 21000 6000 15000 1000 600 / 800
ALJW-A5-7+16 5 23000 7000 16000(16500) 1000 600 / 800
ALJW-A6-4.5+12.5 6 17000 4500 12500 1150 600 / 800
ALJW-A6-6+18 6 24000 6000 18000 1150 600 / 800
Telescopic Conveyor Industries
  • Your ideal choice for more safe and more efficiency requirements, confirm to the strict European CE certification, already used in many countries
  • Suitable for minimum installation space, maximize extension length. (please refer to the technical specifications and model samples.)
  • The front end is equipped with safety anti-collision bar, effectively protect the operator's body and the products in the truck
  • A full set of operation buttons improve the loading and unloading efficiency of goods in truck and bring convenient operation.
  • Easy homework: relief from manual handling, reduce labor intensity
  • Standard operations: loading, storage site standard process operations, methodical, effective site to avoid clutter, homework phenomenon.
  • Safe operation: the incidence of accidents in the loading process reduced to a minimum, or even a zero incidence.


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