Mobile Telescopic Conveyor

Mobile Telescopic Conveyor

ATCOLIFT specialized in general cargo loading and unloading. With 20 years technical experience, our products are widely used in many countries around the world. No matter a single conveyor equipment or customized system solutions, we always can implement projects timely and reliably with our rich production technology experience and professional knowledge.

ATCOLIFT has international experience in plant logistics innovation and optimization to provide customers with better logistics planning solutions. All key components use the world's top brands only, like SEW motor, Siegling belt, the electrical components are Schneider or Siemens to ensure the most reliable stability and reduce the failure rate to the greatest extent. Reserved maintenance window, convenient for entering into the machine for maintenance. One-stop services is available in ATCOLIFT to help customer achieve maximum productivity.

Mobile Conveyor Diagram
Product code Sections Total length C(mm) Base length A(mm) Extension length B(mm) Belt Width(mm) Min.Height H(mm)
ALJW-M3-4+5 3 9000 4000 5000 600 / 800 850-1000
ALJW-M3-5+6.5 3 11500 5000 6500 (7000) 600 / 800 850-1000
ALJW-M3-6+8 3 14000 6000 8000 (8500) 600 / 800 850-1000
Telescopic Conveyor Industries
  • Easy operation: breaks artificial moving back and forth, reduce labor intensity.
  • Efficient operation: The Maximum loading amount up to 2250 per hour if based on standard loading speed of 30 m/min for carton (800 x600mm)
  • Standard work: loading, storage field in an orderly and effectively operations to avoid the mess phenomenon
  • Save labor: artificial can reduce more than 2/3 based on original loading way.
  • Safety operation: bring the lowest accident rate in the process of loading, even at zero incidences.
  • Promote the enterprise image: standard automation equipment, conform to the requirements of the modern enterprise.


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