Inclined Telescopic Conveyor

ATCOLIFT Inclined Telescopic Conveyor, Frame use high quality carbon steel, get the advantages of impact resistance, fatigue resistance and high strength. Steel structure design, using the finite element analysis method and optimize the stress structure, so that the whole stress get balanced and extend the using life of machine. At the same time, the maximum extension length and minimum retraction length are guaranteed.

ATCOLIFT design team has rich experience in design and production, committed to improving and optimizing the best solutions to handling materials, clearly understand the needs of customers for their sites which can be perfectly combined with design function.

ATCOLIFT inclined telescopic conveyor is suitable for loading and unloading anywhere. The retractable arm can reach into truck or container by simply press buttons to realize the easy loading and unloading.
Inclined Conveyor Diagram
Product Code Sections Inclined length L(mm) A(mm) B(mm) H1 / H2(mm) Belt Width(mm)
ALJW-V3-4+5 3 3000-4500 4000 5000 1500 / 750 600 / 800
ALJW-V3-6+8 3 3000-4500 6000 8000 1500 / 750 600 / 800
ALJW-V4-6+12 4 3000-4500 6000 12000 1500 / 750 600 / 800
ALJW-V4-7+14 4 3000-4500 7000 14000 1500 / 750 600 / 800
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