Automatic Pallet Stretch Wrapper (with Remote Control)

Automatic Pallet Stretch Wrapper (with Remote Control)

The wrapping system equipped with automatic film clamp and cut. To be operated by forklift driver that sav time and no need to get off. Recommended for automation entry model.

Product Code APM-005 F
Stretch type Power pre stretch
Power 1 P, AC 220V 50 Hz, 1.25 KW
Air Pressure 4 – 5 kg/cm²
Rotation speed 0 – 6 r/min, 0 –9 r/min, 0 – 12 r/min
Lifting unit Photoelectric switch controls the height
Film stretching unit Film tension can be adjusted by frequency regulation (pre stretch)
Dimensions of the machine Turnplate diameter: Ø 650: L 2740 Ø W 1800 Ø H 2700 mm
Dimensions of packing L 2630 x W 1680 x H 730 mm
Packaged object Max. weight: 2000 kg
Noise <=75DB
Temperature 10° C - 40° C
Humidity <=98%


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