Automatic Pallet Stretch Wrapper With Weighing System

Automatic Pallet Stretch Wrapper With Weighing System

Product Code APM005
Power Supply 1P,AC220V/110V,50Hz/60Hz
Power 1.25kW mm
Film Stretch Part Change Frequency Conversion to adjust the film tightness
Turntable speed 0~10r/min
Dia. of turntable( mm) Φ1650 mm optional Φ1650/Φ1800/Φ2000/Φ2200)
Mast Height (mm) H=3000 mm optional 2000/2400/2700/3200/3400)
Packing material LLDPE film,W≤500mm,out diameter≤Φ280mm
 Packing Object Loading: Φ 1500 mm:1500 kg;≥ Φ 1650 mm:2000 kg
Max. height: upright post height-400mm
Machine Weight 650kg
Working noise ≤75dB(A)
Environment condition humidity≤90%,temperature -10℃~40℃
Loadcells 4 number loadcells. The accuracy100g.
Barcode Label Printer
Product Code LP545
Weighing Connect to one platform Single or 4 load cellsUpto 6000 divisions, multi range
Housing Stainless steel
Display Dot matrix graphic LCD
2 types of displays, selectable by user complete information or weight only
 Keyboard 105 keys (15 x 7).
80 x 2 direct PLU keys.
Printer 2" printer. Direct thermal, 100 mm/sec.
Barcode Printing of EAN-13, GS-1 Databar (consult us) and EAN-128
Communications PC communications: Ethernet TCP/IP


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