Rational iVario

Rational iVario: Culinary Versatility Rooted in German Excellence

From the heart of Germany comes the Rational iVario series, a spectacular testament to precision, adaptability, and stellar performance. As the leading suppliers of this exceptional line, we present to you a range that redefines cooking versatility. The Rational iVario Pro 2-S - 2 x 25 L is a twin-powered marvel, offering simultaneous cooking with its dual 25-liter capacities, ideal for chefs who prioritize efficiency without compromising on space. For kitchens that demand greater volume, the Rational iVario Pro L - 100 L is a magnificent behemoth, designed to handle large-scale culinary operations with impeccable ease.

Delving deeper into the realm of expansive capacity, the Rational iVario Pro XL - 150 L emerges as the epitome of large-scale cooking, delivering unmatched volume for gastronomic giants. And for establishments that prefer a blend of compactness and dual-functionality, the Rational iVario 2-XS - 2 x 17 L stands ready to impress with its twin 17-liter chambers. Embrace the future of cooking with the Rational iVario series, a proud emblem of German craftsmanship that promises to elevate every culinary endeavor to unparalleled heights.
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