Mono Column Pedestrian Stacker

Mono Column Pedestrian Stacker: The Economical Solution for Versatile Material Handling

Are you in need of a cost-effective walkie electric stacker that can effortlessly handle a wide range of materials? Look no further than the Mono Column Pedestrian Stacker! This exceptional stacker is purpose-built to tackle materials such as wood, plastic, and metal with ease, while providing user-friendly operation. With its affordable price point and robust construction, the Mono Column Pedestrian Stacker is the ideal choice for businesses and home workshops alike.

Equipped with electric drive power, this stacker delivers reliable performance while ensuring a smooth and efficient operation. Its basic capacity of 1000 kg at a 600mm Load Center, reaching heights of up to 1915 mm (without side shift), allows for effective lifting and stacking of various loads.

The Mono Column Pedestrian Stacker is designed to excel in versatility, making it a valuable asset for a wide array of applications. Whether you're working in a warehouse, a manufacturing facility, or even in your own workshop, this stacker is up to the task. Its adaptability and ease of use ensure that you can handle different materials effortlessly and efficiently.

Product Code ALPSE10M
Basic capacity 1000 kg @ 600mm Load Center up to 1915 mm height (w/o side shift)
Operation Control Tiller Handle with Switch
Drive Power Electric Driven
Drive Motor 12V / 0.45 kw/h
Drive Speed 4.3 /4.5 km / hr (Laden / Unladen)
Lift Motor 12V / 2.2 kw/h
Lift height 1915 mm
Collapsed height 2349 mm
Fork length 1150 mm
Turning radius 1485 mm
Aisle width for pallets 2316 mm for (1000*1200 pallets cross ways)
Tyres (Front & Rear) Polyurethane wheels
Gradeability 5 / 10 (Laden / Unladen)
Battery 12V / 85 Ah
Charger Included
  • Equipped with Built-in Charger
  • Battery Discharge Indicator
  • Emergency Stop Switch
  • Belly Button for Safety
  • Ergonomic Robust Handle
  • 4 Wheel Design for Greater Stability
  • Powerful Maintenance Free Battery


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