MEKI Made in Finland

Inspect food products and remove foreign objects quickly and accurately with our revolutionary MEKI system. Using the latest in X-ray imaging and processing technology, the MEKI system allows you to detect even the smallest metal contaminants (from 0.6mm), stone fragments and glass splinters, high-density plastics, and a variety of other foreign objects, resulting in 100% food quality control.

MEKI is particularly designed to work even with frozen food, or food wrapped in aluminum or other metallic packaging. Small, compact, and easy to install, MEKI can be seamlessly integrated into virtually any production line—perhaps the most distinct feature of our industrial X-ray equipment. The MEKI X-ray inspection system helps you maintain consistent product quality, meeting the global standards of quality control in the food industry.

Product Code MEKI
Detection area 250 mm x 110 mm
Conveyor speed min. 0.1 m/s; max. 1.3 m/s
X-ray power 30-60 kV, 0.2–2.5 mA, max 100 W
X-ray leakage less than 1 μSv/h
Detector Linear scanner, resolution 0.4 mm
Operating system Windows 10
Software Mekitec X-Ray Inspection System SW
Connectivity USB, Ethernet
HMI 12” Color TFT LCD Screen
Operation temperature °C 0 - 35
Cooling Optional air conditioner
IP rating IP54
Relative humidity 30-85%, non-condensing
System power supply 110/240 VAC, 50–60 Hz
Dimensions (W x D x H) 800/1200 mm x 515 mm x 2000 mm
Net weight 75 kg
Material Stainless steel, brushed


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