CombiMEKI Made in Finland

CombiMEKI is a fully automated product quality control system that uses Xray imaging technology and our comprehensive product checkweigher system. CombiMEKI not only excels at detecting foreign objects within your food products but also simultaneously removes products with irregular weights. With CombiMEKI, you can be sure that all your products are uniform in terms of content, weight, and quality. By helping you control product giveaway, we can provide a positive return on investment from day one.

Product Code CombiMEKI
Detection area 9.84" × 4.33" (250 × 110 mm)
Conveyor speed min 0.3 ft/s (0.1 m/s)
max 4.3 ft/s (1.3 m/s)
X-ray power 40–60 kVp / 0.1–2.5 mA (<100>
X-ray leakage less than 1 μSv/h
Detector type Linear scanner, width 10"(256mm)
Pixel size 0.4 mm
Operating system Windows 7
Software Mekitec X-ray Inspection System SW
Power supply 110–240 VAC, 50–60 Hz
Operation temperature 32–95°F
Dimensions (w × d × h) 32"/47" × 20"× 79" (800/1200×515×2000 mm)
Weight 165 lbs
Connection to data Ethernet/USB
  • Height and length of the checkweigher can be customized to fit your products.
  • Typical belt dimensions (430mm long x 250 mm wide)
  • Length of the belt is customizable
  • Can check ~200 products in a minute
  • Can check products up to 300 mm long x 250 mm wide


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