Horizontal Flow Wrappers (Rotary Sealer)

AFW series machines are used in horizontal packaging process (form-fill-seal, to make pillow bags) with high speed and efficiency where the products are uniform in shape and size. Bags sizes ranging from 45 - 450mm in length, 30-200mm in width and 35-80mm in height can realized. Output ranges from 40-230 bags per minute depending on product and film type and size. User friendly touch screen for easy adjustments. Date printer option available. Can be used for packing very light and small products as well. Can be customized to be fitted with self–feeding system or can be synchronized with an existing production line.

AFW-X series down-paper pillow type automatic horizontal packaging machine is applied to pack soft, strip and unorganized objects such as towels, tissues, noodles, egg rolls, sausages, fish, ice-lollipop, soft candies, biscuits, fresh fruits etc.
Horizontal Flow Wrappers AFW-250B AFW-250X
Product code AFW-250B AFW-350B AFW-400B AFW-400D AFW-450B AFW-600D
Voltage (V/Hz) AC 220/50 110/60 AC 220/50 220/60
Power (KW) 2.4 2.6 2.8
Film Width (mm) Max.250 Max.350 Max.400 Max.450 Max.600
Length of Bag (mm) 65-190 or 120-280 65-190 or 120-280 130-320 180-440 130-450 150-450
Width of Bag (mm) 30-110 50-160 50-190 50-180 80-220
Height of Product (mm) Max.40 Max.45 Max.45 Max.60 Max.70 Max.100
(Special height need customize)
Film Roll Diameter (mm) Max.320 Max.320 Max.320
Packaging Speed (bags/min) 40-230 40-230 40-230 30-180 30-150
(Updated according to the products)
External Dimensions  (L×W×H) (mm) 3770*640*1450 4020*745*1450 4020*770*1450 4020*820*1450 4020*900*1450
Net Weight (kg) 800 900 800
Product code AFW-250X AFW-350X
Voltage (V/Hz) AC  220/50 110/60
Power (W) 2.4 2.8
Film Width (mm) Max.250 Max.350
Length of Bag (mm) 65-190 or 120-280
Width of Bag (mm) 30-110 50-160
Height for Product (mm) Max.40 Max.45
Roll Film Diameter (mm) Max.320
Packaging Speed (bags/min) 40-230
External Dimensions (L×W×H) (mm) 3920 × 670 × 1320 4020 × 720 × 1320
Net Weight (kg)    
Applications: Confectionary, roastery, fresh food, bakery, chocolates, dates etc.


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