CE24 Fixed Basket Dishwasher

CE24 Fixed Basket Dishwasher Made in Italy

The CE24 series of passthrough “hood” type fixed basket dishwashers are designed and built to deliver acceptable results with low running costs. These are ideal for restaurants and other catering businesses looking for a robust and simple machine with a square 500 mm basket. These dishwashers require a three-phase electrical connection and a hot water tap. All CE24 dishwashers have a boiler delay function to guarantee the perfect washing and rinsing of the dishes. Max height: 390 mm.

The dishwasher is built entirely from AISI 304 stainless steel; it has a single-skin top and double-skin walls, a top and bottom rotating wash/rinse arm and an in-tank pump filter. Optional devices include a peristaltic detergent dispenser, a waste evacuation pump and a pressure booster pump. The hydraulic rinse-aid dispenser is fitted as standard. On request, this can be replaced with a peristaltic version. The fixed tank thermostat guarantees maximum results with industrial detergents. The adjustable boiler thermostat lets you set the right temperature for perfect rinsing and sanitising of all items. The CE24F passthrough “hood” type fixed basket dishwasher is fitted with four stainless steel surface in-tank filters to trap the dirt and prevent any small objects from accidentally falling into the tank.

Product Code CE24
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Dimensions(mm) 650X755X1450
Basket sizes(mm) 500X500
Usable height(mm) 400
Cycle lengths(sec) 120/180
Net/Gross weigh(kg) 115/122
Make Italy


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