Drum Weigh Filler

AG7130-1000, AG7130-300 are applicable to quantitative filling occasions which have pollution corrosion characteristics and the materials which easy to bring bubble when filling. There are two kinds of filling scales, one is common type, the other is explosion proof type. Customers can select the appropriate filling scale according to material characteristics and occasions of use.

The filling scale adopt lift cylinder to drive the filling gun, and matching with the specific lifting mechanism. During the filling process, the pipette tip of filling gun is always below the liquid level, and slowly rises with the rise of the surface of liquid. The entire flow pipeline is all stainless steel material. Two-speed pneumatic ball valve and bottom-valve cylinder control, they will ensure the safety, reliability and high accuracy when filling.

Product Code AG7130-1000 AG7130-300
Max. Capacity(kg) 1000 300
Filling Scale 4 nozzle 1 nozzle
Filling speed 50 barrels/h (need enough pipe diameter and flow rate)
Division value(kg) 0.05
Precision ±2‰FS
Compressed air 0.5-0.7MPa, 10 M 3/H
Working environment temperature:-10~+45℃,relative humidity≤90%
Power supply AC220V,50Hz,1Kw
  • Double-speed (fast and slow)automatic quantitative filling
  • hoice for gross weight and net weight (tare automatically), Manual and automatic modes are optional, convenient for operation and maintenance
  • Choice for filling above and under the liquid surface
  • The designs of pneumatic bottom valve and liquid holding cup ensure the filling accuracy
  • The function of automatically diagnosis and trouble alarm
  • The function of tolerance test and out-of-tolerance alarm
  • Fixed value can be adjusted
  • Automatically tare, overcome the impact on accuracy when container weight inconsistent
  • Empty scale testing, if empty barrel lighter or overweight, then alarm
  • The lifting speed of filling gun is adjustable
  • Self-locking control, it is allowed to filling when the filling gun drops to the suitable position
  • During the filling gun falling, the gun will rebound automatically when touch barrel
  • Big operating key
  • Industrial outer cover


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