TTO Paging Machine

TTO Paging Machine

Device Name TTO Paging Machine
Model APP90-21A
Paging model Friction Type
Size of objected to be separated 60-320mm
Width 70-300mm
Thickness 0.02-5mm
Voltage 90w/200w
Power 220v
Speed regulation mode Electronic stepless speed regulation + variable frequency
Dimension 1375×400×1150mm
Remarks Standard type
Scope of application:
  • Packaging Bags: plastic bags, carton, paper, bags, labels, paper bags.
  • Card: IC card, IP card
Application: Used for automatic separation of stacked packaging bags or cards and conveys them onto the conveyor belt piece by piece so as to facilitate TTO coding and thus reduce trifles of manual paging and make full use of the advantages of high speed coding of TTO and improve printing efficiency.


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