Spiral Conveyor

Spiral Conveyor

Spiral Conveyor is a vertical conveying form of the chain conveyor. ATCOLIFT use modular design and unique low friction guiding device structure which contains metal bearing with high precision and very low friction coefficient, as well as high-load traction chain. Rolling track is made of polymer PE wear-resistant material, slat belt is made by reinforced polycarbonate injection molding, which has good flexibility and low friction coefficient.

ATCOLIFT Spiral Conveyor features by advanced transmission control, reliable performance, accurate positioning, low maintenance and long life.

ATCOLIFT use high quality parts only, all bearings are sealed for life and need no further lubrication. The chain is of heavy duty nickel plated construction and needs only infrequent lubrication. The slats are made of a nylon composite, need no maintenance and can easily be replaced as single components without the use of special tools.

Spiral Conveyor Diagram
Product Code ALAS-2000-400 ALAS-2200-500 ALAS-2550-650
D(mm) 2000 2200 2550
B(mm) 400 500 650
Spiral Direction 90°/ 180°/ 270°/ 360° 90°/ 180°/ 270°/ 360° 90°/ 180°/ 270°/ 360°
NOTE: The above is ATCOLIFT standard models, if you need other sizes, please contact our sales team.
Characteristics and Parameters
  • Spiral Conveyors need less floor space than conventional conveyors and are also faster and more reliable than any elevator or lift.
  • An innovative modular design allows ATCOLIFT to customize with ease to accommodate changing needs, very suitable for continuous transport of cartons, cases, trays, totes and all sorts of packaged goods in a continuous flow.
  • Low-friction chain slat are selected for ATCOLIFT Spiral Conveyor, which use sets of sliding friction bearing to get feature of low abrasion and low noise.
  • ATCOLIFT Spiral Conveyors are powder coated carbon steel with choice of any standard RAL color. Stainless steel is also available for washdown applications.


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