Scissor Lift Table Truck

ATCOLIFT exceptional Scissor Lift Table Truck, a versatile solution designed to meet a wide range of lifting requirements. With its innovative double scissor action, this truck offers unmatched lifting capabilities and exceptional versatility for your material handling needs.

With a weight capacity ranging from 150kg to 700kg, our Scissor Lift Table Truck can effortlessly handle various loads with precision and ease. What sets it apart is the ability to customize the lifting height and table platform size according to your specific preferences. We understand that every customer has unique requirements, and we are dedicated to providing tailored solutions that perfectly align with your application.

Experience the convenience and flexibility of our Scissor Lift Table Truck as it empowers you to efficiently lift and transport heavy loads. The double scissor action provides increased lifting heights, allowing you to optimize your workspace and significantly enhance productivity in your material handling operations.

Product Code MHC04001 MHC04003 MHC04005 MHC04006 MHC04007
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Capacity (kg) 150 500 1000 350 700
Min. Table Ht. (mm) 220 285/340 380 355 445
Max. Table Ht. (mm) 720 800 990 1300 1500
Table Dimension (mm) 700X450X36 815X500/850X50 1016X510X55 910X500X53 1220X610X
Net Weight (kg) 46 81 140 105 195
  • High lift table truck with double scissor action
  • Diverse lifting height, capacity and table platform size on request, cusomerizie your needs
  • Always the correct working height
  • Steel construction with platform made from sheet steel,chrome plated handle
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