Motorised Expandable Roller Conveyor

Motorised Expandable Roller Conveyor

Motorised Expandable Roller Conveyors best fit into many applications that require versatility, durability and quick conveying solutions, including loading or unloading trucks or container, shipping departments, distribution centers, packing lines. Flexible/Expandable Conveyors are often joined with Gravity Conveyors or Powered Conveyor, to provide quick expansion or turning of conveying service. Use Flexible/Expandable Conveyors will improve productivity, reduce labor, conserve floor space and more.

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Width 460mm 610mm 760mm
Height 0.7m to 1m adjustable
Length closed=1.5m, expanded=4m
Capacit 80kg/0.3m
Speed 0-40m/min adjustable
Technical Info
  • L1:L2=1.5:4
  • 50mm roller diameter
  • With sensor or without sensor control model
  • Flat steel with powder coated or ribbed aluminum alloy plated side plate
  • Square tube support leg, all caster with brake
  • 3 motors one standard unit
Standard model (4m or 13ft long) consists of 3 independent sections and 1 control box. One single phase AC motor each section. EPR conveyor (without sensor) features adjustable speed and forward/reverse function. EPR SR conveyor (with sensor) adds functions of pre-set working modes of the whole conveyor, based on feedback signal from each section's sensor One control box is able to control several conveyors to form a sub-system.

NOTE: Customized Model Available


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