Fully Automatic Case Erector

Fully Automatic Case Erector

This machine is used to automatically erect case and seal the bottom of the case with pressure-sensitive adhesive tape like PVC and BOPP. It is used to shape the case of regular shape.

Product code APCF-20TX
Power supply (V/Hz, W) 220/50,500 (optional)
Air pressure (kg/cm2) 6
Tape Width (cm) 4.8-6.0
Working Speed (cases/min) 0-12
Case Size (mm) Length: 330-530
Width: 165-330
(base carton size must be suitable as below:570>W/2+H>330 L change scope 150mm)
Machine dimension (mm) 2005x 1950x12850 (LxWxH)
Environment conditions Humidity≤98% Temperature 0-40℃
Machine weight (kg) 400
  • The sealing head can be took out easily to equip the new tape
  • The processing of machine is robust
  • This case erector is suitable for a lot of different carton size
  • Adjustment can be finished by handle
  • High efficiency and energy saving
  • Easy maintenance

Working process:
  • open the case with pneumatic component.
  • fold front and rear covers of carton
  • fold left and right covers of carton
  • seal it with tape
  • output


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