10 Head Rotary Perfume Filling

10 Head Rotary Perfume Filling

Automatic perfume filling machine rotates the ideal equipment for liquid filling of toilet water, perfume, lotion, and other materials, etc. Continuous rotary filling, suitable for all kinds of bottles without changing the mold can provide the explosion-proof type.

Product Code ALM-SG-C
Filling Scope (ml) 30-500
Production Capacity (B/H) 1000-3000
Rotary Control Frequency stepless
Power Source 220V 50Hz
Vacuum Control Imported Pneumatic Vacuum Generators
Power Supply (Kw) 1.2
Single Machine Noise <=70dB
Machine Weight (Kg) 900
Machine Dimensions (mm) 1168 x 1168 x 2000
  • Perfume Filling Machine is used for filling floral water, perfume and other water-based materials
  • This machine adopts vacuum type filling and fixed liquid level type filling, thus avoiding the different levels caused by the thickness of each container bottom
  • Negative pressure sucking liquid then filling, control liquid level
  • The contact part adopt 316L stainless steel, table with SS 304
  • Suitable for glass bottle and the plastic bottle which will not easy out of shape after vacuum


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