TAWI Lifting Trolleys

TAWI lifting trolleys are easy to maneuver and push forward making it almost effortless to transport goods to the intended location. You can pick up goods from a vertical or horizontal position, rotate, transport, turn and release with minimum effort.

Product Code PRO40 PRO80 PRO140 PRO180 PRO250
Lifting capacity 40kg 80kg 140kg 180kg 250kg
Stroke mm
-/1040/- 850/1400/1950 840/1390/1940 840/1390/1940 -/1360/1910
Weight of unit kg
-/41 /- 46/50/53 69/73/78 77/ 81/86 - /107/113kg
Total height of unit mm
-/1640/- 1440/1990/2540 1440/1990/2540 1440/1990/2540 -/1990/2540
Battery charging procedure 100-240V, grounded 50-60 Hz
Lifts per charge 40kg x 1m x 100 times 80kg x 1m x 100 times 140kg x 1m x 100 times 180kg x 1m x 100 times 250kg x 1m x 100 times
Up and down motions Control panel (one speed) Hand control (two speed)
Front wheels Swivelling Swivelling Fixed Fixed Fixed
Brake system Rear wheels separately braked Central brake with directional lock
Overload protection Incorporated in circuit load
Lifting Trolleys
Protect your employees
Goods are easily picked up with no physical effort for the operator.
Handling difficult and heavy goods such as these large reels is easy with TAWI lifting trolleys.
No heavy lifting and no uncomfortable strain on the body means no more aching shoulders, backs, and knees.

Boost efficiency and lower the costs
Using TAWI lifters means that large and heavy goods can be handled by one single person, saving valuable time and resources for your business.
The challenge of increasing productivity and ergonomics at the same time is increasingly important for more and more companies.

Safe and reliable
Equipped with SafeDrive; a safety mechanism ensuring that if a tool hits an object during lowering, it will stop immediately.
The lifter is belt driven, resulting in safe, quiet and smooth oil-free drive.

Modular construction, making it easy to adjust the lifter for various applications.
The standard series have lifting capacities between 40-250kg.
On several models, the measures of the wheels makes it possible to drive the lifter into a Euro-pallet in three different ways.

Minimizes the strain on backs, knees and shoulders.
Ergonomic handle for easy and comfortable operation.
High quality and robust wheels for smooth and simple transportation with and without load.

Equipped with SmartPack; a detachable battery pack making it easy to switch batteries. No cables.
Effective battery charger making the full charging cycle fast.
Charging indicator clearly showing the battery charging status.

  • Variable mast size
  • User friendly control panel
  • Wide selection of tools
  • Detachable hand control
  • SmartPack - the efficient battery pack solution
  • Reliable braking system


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