TAWI Mobile Order Picker

TAWI Mobile Order Picker Made in Sweden

TAWI Mobile Order Picker is compatible with any type of forklift or truck and allows you to pick goods effortlessly with a vacuum lifter.
  • Mobile vacuum lifter
  • Integrated pump and battery
  • Stand-alone unit
Streamline your workflow when picking orders by attaching this innovative order picker to any type of forklift or truck. Drive from pallet rack to pallet rack, picking boxes without effort and placing them on your pallet before you drive to the next rack.

TAWI Mobile Order Picker Machines
The unit is compatible with all types of forklifts and trucks so that you can easily move within your facilities. When moving the unit, a safety lock holds the jib arm safely in place. Push a button to start the integrated vacuum pump and support legs are automatically activated, ensuring safe and stable lifting.

Starting the pump also automatically releases the safety lock on the jib arm. One push of a button and you’re ready to start picking your goods.

TAWI Mobile Order Picker is equipped with a vacuum lifter mounted on an articulating jib arm. Various vacuum lifter models can be used depending on the lifting capacity you need, and the jib arm can handle up to 80 kilo loads. The articulating arm offers great range of motion with a 4-meter diameter working area. Electronically driven height adjustment allows the unit to easily adapt to different lifting heights and height limitations. This is a lifting aid that you can adjust to your requirements, ensuring an efficient workflow, safe for both operators and goods.


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