Mid Entry Level Dynamic Weigh Price Labeller

Mid Entry Level Dynamic Weigh Price Labeller Made in UK

Single framed modular design dynamic weigh price labeler. This 3 conveyor machine offers an entry level dynamic weighing machine for line speeds up to 65 packs per minute. Windows base architecture offers flexibility and integration with existing systems and networks.

Compact design
The compact single frame design of the LI-700D allows this machine to be fitted into production lines where line length is limited. Three conveyor machine, dynamic weighing with LC labeler fitted as standard.

Industrial PC
The LI-700D uses an industrial PC with IP65 ingress protection. The Windows software offers a flexible integration for bi-directional communication in XML format to back-office server data collection, programming and line monitoring.

Low-cost industrial printer
The LC labeler is the standard labeler for the LI-700D. This labeler has an 80mm, 300dpi thermal head and air box applicator.

Product code LI-700D
Capacity  3Kg/1g, 6Kg/2g, 10Kg/5g
Pack speed up to 65 packs per minute (dynamic weigh)
Pack size L: 80 to 300mm, W: 40 to 250mm, H: 180mm maximum
Print head  80mm at 300dpi
Print speed  260mm/sec
Label roll  Diameter 300mm
Label core Diameter 76mm out or inside wound
Label size W 30mm-120mm H 28mm 300mm
Applicator Air box / Touch/shoe
Air 4-6 bar 50-300 ltrs/min
Power 220-240V AC 50Hz 105-115V AC 50Hz
Thermal trans Yes ( additional option )
Backfeed Yes ( additional option )


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