High Speed Print and Apply System

High Speed Print and Apply System Made in UK

The HC-700 series machines are a PC based high speed print and apply system. Variations cater for application of label to the top and the base of the product. The flexibility of this machine with Windows® based PC allows easy integration with existing machines and networking.Color touch screen for easy and quick programming and plu selection.

Color touch screen
The compact single frame design of the HC-700E allows this machine to be fitted into production lines where line length is limited. The stainless steel construction ensures a high quality, strong and durable structure.

Robust stainless steel casing
The DPS-800s has a large color touch screen which aids easy programming of product information and recalling the required plu. When mounted in the optional stand the angle of the screen is adjustable for the correct viewing angle for the operator.

PC touch screen
PC touch screen mounted in strong stainless steel cabinet.

Windows® based software
The HC-700 uses an industrial PC system. The Windows software offers a flexible integration for bi-directional communication in XML format to back-office server data collection, programming and line monitoring.

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Product code HC-700
Pack Speed  upto 100 ppm
Pack size  L 80-300 mm W 40-250 mm H 180 mm
Line height 755 - 1085mm
Air 4-6 bar 50-300 ltrs/min
Power 220-240V AC 50Hz 150-115V AC60Hz
Environment  -10C to +40C


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