4 Wheel Economy Electric Forklift

4 Wheel Economy Electric Forklift is designed to cater to light and medium-duty applications while providing exceptional comfort and efficiency. This forklift offers the flexibility of choosing between a Lead-acid battery or a Li-ion battery, depending on specific requirements. Its lowered center of gravity and overhead guard make it an excellent choice for operating in restricted spaces, such as navigating through elevators. With its compact design and versatility, this forklift ensures optimal performance and convenience in various settings.

Product Code FE4P16Q FE4P20Q45TX-Li FE4P30Q
Load capacity / rated load (kg) 1600 2000 3000
Load centre (mm) 500
Load distance (mm) 381 386  
Service weight incl. battery (kg) 2940 3180  
Tires Type solied rubber/pneumatic
Lowered mast height (mm) 1985
Mast/fork carriage tilt forward/backward cx/13(°) 6/10
Free lift (mm) 1300 1163
Lift height (mm) 6000 4500
Extended mast height (mm) 3990
Overhead load guardheight (mm) 2075
Seat height/standing height (mm) 1065
Coupling height (mm) 530
Overall length (mm) 3050 3200  
Length to face of forks (mm) 2130
Overall width (mm) 1150
Fork dimensions (mm) 35/100/920 40/120/1070  
Aisle width for pallets
1000x1200 crossways(mm)
3571 3576  
Aisle width for pallets
800x1200 lengthways(mm)
3771 3776  
Fork carriage width (mm) 1040
Turning radius (mm) 1990
Ground clearance, laden,under mast (mm) 98
Ground clearance, centre of wheelbase (mm) 100
Service brake electromagnetic brake
Battery voltage, nominal capacity K5 V/Ah pb-acid: 48/360 (48/400, 48/460)
Li: 48/200 (48/300, 48/400)
pb-acid: 48/400 (48/460)
Li: 48/200 (48/300, 48/400)
Type of drive control AC


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