The ATCO Digital Weighbridge series are new generation products, researched & developed over the years and widely adopted the world over now. The structure is modular - hence easy & quick to install & transport. Civil work is kept to the bare minimum. The weighbridges use U shaped beams and with advanced manufacturing practices ensure rational distribution of weld stress, strengthen mechanical capacity & highly improve the properties of abrasion, anti-press, anti-aging, and anti-rust. Choice of Bmm checkered plate or 10mm plain plate. The weighbridge consists of high precision double-ended shear beam OIML approved loadcells, multifunction indicator, low zero drift. high anti-interference, strong surge proof and excellent waterproof junction box. with durable cables. galvanized nuts & bolts and user-friendly software. Our weighbridges guarantee reliable performance over the years in the harshest conditions.

Product code AWB6340T AWB9350T AWB12360T AWB18380T AWB183120T
Capacity (T) 40 50 60 80 120
No. of load cells 4 6 6 8 10
Accuracy (kg) 10 10 10 20 20
Plarform size (m) 6 x 3 9 x 3 12 x 3 18 x 3 18 x 3
  • The load cells are available in the capacities 10t to 50t. Alloy steel construction, nickel plated, hermetically welded, oil-proof, waterproof and anti-corrosive gas and medium making it suitable for all kinds of environments.
  • Dual shear beam, Suitable for electronic truck scales, railway scales and other electronic weighing devices.
  • Safety and anti-explosion product that can be used in atrocious weather and hazardous areas.
  • High accuracy, easy installation, reliable performance.
  • With OIML approval.


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