Tilt Tray Sorting Machine

Tilt Tray Sorting Machine Made in Netherlands

The Tilt Tray Sorter is a sorting machine of the Flat Sorter type. The Tilt Tray sorter is available in various configurations. The different tray types makes it possible to sort one (single), two (twin or Dual) or four (Quad) unique items. The tray configuration depends on the required capacity and the size of the items to be sorted. The capacity of a Tilt Tray sorter ranges from 2,500 to 40,000 units per hour. This machine is particularly suitable for fragile items because the products do not drop but glide out of the tray.

The Tilt Tray sorting machine is highly suitable for multimedia, pharmaceutical items, jewellery, (clothing) accessories and other items. The difference between Dual and Twin is the tray position. With the Twin Tray the trays are placed behind each other. With the Dual Tray the trays are placed next to each other. In addition, the combination of tilt and split tray is also technically possible.

Designed for the Industries Like:
  • E-Commerce Retail
  • Fashion Retail
  • CEP (Courier Express Postal)
  • FMCG/Food and Grocery
  • Spare Parts Distribution (Auto, Electronics, machinery)
  • Pharmaceuticals
Type Quard tilt-tray-sorting-machine
Capacity up to 31,680 trays/hr
Speed up to 1,2 m/s
Weight up to 1 kg
Tray Dimensions 200X300mm
What are the possibilities of the Tilt Tray sorting machine?
The available trays are: Single, Dual, Twin and Quad Tilt. In addition, a combination of tilt/split tray is also possible from a technical viewpoint. The capacity of a tilt tray sorting machine varies from 2,500 to 40,000 trays per hour.
Tilt Tray Sorting Machine
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