Sit-on Tow Tractor

ALT60N: The Ultimate Electric Sit-on Tow Tractor
Step into the future of efficient material handling with the ALT60N, a remarkable electric tow tractor designed to exceed your expectations. Boasting a remarkable rated capacity of 6000kg, this powerhouse combines impressive strength with a compact design, making it the ideal choice for navigating even the tightest of spaces.

With its sleek and ergonomic design, the ALT60N offers unparalleled flexibility, ensuring effortless maneuverability in any working environment. Whether you're operating in a bustling warehouse, a congested manufacturing facility, or a busy distribution center, this tow tractor is engineered to meet the challenges head-on.

  • Compact design and beautiful appearance
  • Small turning radius
  • Good mechanical performance and no pollution
  • Low center of gravity,good stability when turning and driving
  • Long service life
  • Operating efficiency is high
Product Code ALT60N
Power type Battery
Operator type Seat
Load Capacity / rated load Q(t) 6.0
Rated drawbar pull F(N) 1500
Largest traction F(N) 4500
Wheelbase Y(mm) 1230
Service weight(kg) 1640
Tires Rubber wheel
Height of tiller in drive position min./ max. h(mm) 1390
Overall length l(mm) 2020
Overall width b(mm) 1140
Ground clearance, centre of wheelbase m(mm) 135
Turning radius Wa(mm) 1745
Service brake Electromagnetic
Type of drive control AC-Speed Control
Sound level at driver's ear EN 12053 dB(A) <70kg


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