Portable Axle Weigher

Portable Axle Weigher

Product Code AXW-AH
Max Capability (Single Axle) 5t/10t/15t/20t/30t/40t
Pad dimension 700×430×30mm (up to 20t)
800×430×30mm (up to 40t)
Ramp dimension 700×350mm
Precision: (with M3 or M5 indicator) Static ± 0.05%, Dynastic ± 2%
Cable Length One set includes 2 weighing pads,
 Cable length is 10m and 8m, but longer
 cable is optional
Division 10kg
Inspecting Speed ≤10km/h on average
Work Temperature -45℃ ~ +70℃
Multiple seal protection, water proof, so that it could be working in rain. The pad features a robust aluminum steel deck construction and even better sealing for harsher environments. It is light weight and convenient to carry with high precision. It is with high intension cable protection spring, which is acceptable for wheels to pass by. The handle is designed into hole which is stronger. The plug of cable is imported with high quality. The connector is designed to coattail type to avoid the disconnected with ramps. The pad is made of super high intension aluminum alloy for aviation. The surface is deal by high quality military project oxidation. It is Wear-corrosion resistance. The signal feedback is with high frequency by unitary design.

  • Aluminum alloy stable hand box in luxury outlook
  • High-definition LCD backlit dot matrix display
  • With high speed Micro-Dot-Matrix Printer
  • Standby working 50 hours battery with auto switch off function
  • The function to discriminate overload automatically
  • It could store the inspection records for over than 1400 * Water-proof keyboard
  • Joint-axis compensation, speed compensation function in dynamic mode.
  • In Dynamic mode, there are two types for options: High Accuracy Dynamic Mode and Normal Accuracy Dynamic Mode


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